The other night I went to an Architecture Film Festival with my friend Sara who is involved in Architects Without Borders. We saw Bregtje van der Haak´s documentary with comments by Rem Koolhaas. Today Lagos has a population of 15 million, by 2020 it is expected to reach 24 million people, which will make it the third largest city in the world. Every hour, 21 new inhabitants set out to start a life in the city, a life that is highly unpredictable and requires great risk taking, networking and improvisation as essential strategies for survival. After looking at this 1 hour interactive journey through Lagos – an exploding city – I am never again going to complain about crowds in Scandinavia. There is a lot to be said about the film. Little life beyond the traffic jams and crowded streets are depicted – young men, electronic equipment and cars are what is shown – but for me it was a mind-blowing experience, far from the 5 second news clips which are quickly zoomed by on television. 


A brilliant and above all fun urban art project that sits at the intersection of guerrilla installation art, recycling, upcycling and freeganism. From interactively mapping empty dumpster locations and full dumpster contents to providing tools for converting materials within them and then skips themselves into new objects and useful spaces. Perhaps not the most beautiful design, but this is definitely good design. For more creative urban upcycling designs visit

Even though Autumn is here and there was no chance in the world I would be taking a dip, I decided to visit Kastrup´s Søbad. My friend Daniel who works at Marie Claire Maison and who travels the world doing exotic photo shoots tipped me to go here. It is truly a sculpture to walk on and for brave bathers a sculpture to dive from.

The architect´s idea was to achieve a sculptural, dynamic form that can be seen from the land, from the sea and from the air and where the silhouette changes as the spectator moves around it. I sadly forgot my camera at home, but I shall return. In the meantime check out or visit! 

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hemliga mat- och middagsklubbar, lönnkrogar och andra mer eller mindre lagliga sammankomster där man ses för att äta, dricka och träffa nya människor. älgarnas trädgård i malmö erbjuder slutna middagar dit kända kockar bjuds in. rekommenderade medlemmar får boka in sig hemma hos kocken. spänningen ligger i att inte veta vilka de övriga gästerna är och inte heller vilken mat som serveras, förutom möjligen ett tema… kul social upplevelse som är roligare än att hemma… och ute.

kanal 9 söker nu restauranggäster till ett nytt tv-program – restaurang i vårt vardagsrum. i varje episod tävlar två par mot varandra om vilket par som öppnar den bästa restaurangen. de har öppet endast en kväll och vinner gör det par som drar in mest pengar gästerna betalar nämligen vad de tycker att måltiden var värd.

natural architecture by alessandro rocca looks at 66 site-specific installations that use nature to create architectural elements within the landscape. the projects in the book illustrate work started by nature, continued by man and then often left for nature to complete.


sip my ocean, video installation from 1996 – beautiful underwater ocean shots, peaceful submerging figures, and objects slowing floating down the projected image seduce the viewer’s eyes. first time seen at louisiana museum for modern art, denmark 1996

pipilotti rist

pour your body out from 2008 – a monumental commission for moma, new york, where rist creates a lush, immersive landscape shaped by flower images, sound, and sculptural elements. photo from my visit in december 2oo8.

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